Business Continuity: 
Key Learning from 
the Pandemic 

COVID-19 has reshaped businesses and restarted business leaders’ mindset in the last few months.

The pandemic has demanded CXOs to be empathic, resilient, flexible and to improve leadership methods to overcome challenges faced together with their stakeholders and employees.

Join the leaders in Asia on an engaging session filled with valuable insights learning and meaningful exchanges and experiences on their key learnings on business continuity in the pandemic

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Join the best experts in Asia!

Daniel Adkins
Group CEO
Transnational Academic Group

Dan joined Transnational Academic Group in 2009 as a faculty member in the schools of business and information technology and has led the organization for the past 7 years. Dan spent the first 20 years of his career working in the information technology industry providing management consulting services for many companies in the Fortune 100 and held numerous management positions including CIO and CEO.  Among his numerous roles, he worked in the areas of business process reengineering, risk management, disaster recovery, and business continuity.            

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Business Continuity: 
Key Learning from 
the Pandemic 

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Lessons from the C-Suite


Duration: 1 Hour 

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Did you know?

  • 26% of C-Suite executives do not expect their company operations to stable from COVID 19 until 2021.

  • 79% of the CXOs said they must re-evaluate their purpose because of COVID 19 to better address the needs of the stake holders.

  • 77% of the CXOs believe being purpose-driven helped them understand and meet the needs of the employees, customers, partners and communities.

  • 73% of CXOs believe remote work has created an opportunity to broaden potential talent pool.

  • 77% CXOs will continue to build and improve digital collaboration tools within the organizations.

What is in for you?

Discover the value of technology and how it has helped businesses overcome challenges during the pandemic.

Learn how to set an organizational framework with rapid response on employee engagement, business operations, recovery approach, risk mitigation, and crisis management.

Find out how a change in leadership style and organizational culture will help organizations get through a business crisis.

Understand the effects of COVID-19 in businesses from a financial point-of-view.

Lars Jeppesen
CEO & Co-Founder
Tech One Global Group and Enadoc

Lars is an IT entrepreneur, business adventurer, and guerilla marketer with a wealth of experience in enterprise content management (ECM), content services platform, digital transformation, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, RPA, and workflow automation. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and masters from IMD Business School with a vision of giving back to the community through education

Wasantha Weerakoone
COO and Co-founder
Tech One Global Group and Enadoc

Wasantha is a digital transformation guru specializing in people, process, and technology management with 30 years of experience under his belt.  He has transformed over 200 organizations in Asia Pacific and is a known expert in content services and workflow automation. He is an expert in developing Learning management systems to transform education institutes in Asia with his exposure in pursuing his management studies at Harvard Business School and a proud graduate from Kelaniya Vishwavidyalaya and University of Moratuwa.

Sudeep Sachin
Tech One Global Group and Enadoc

Sachin has experience in various roles at Transnational Academic Group, in Middle East & Africa, including being the Chief Financial Officer, overseeing financial Management of University operations in Dubai and Ghana. Prior to that, Sachin has worked in a variety of fields like Audit, FMCG, KPO and Pharma with companies like Cadbury’s, Unilever, and Pharmacare (Cipla Subsidiary). He has 16+ years of work experience in India, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia. Sachin has taken the responsibility of Chief Financial Officer of Tech One Global Group since January 2019.

About this Session:

Join the leaders in Asia on a session with learning and meaningful exchanges on key learning on business continuity in the pandemic

Duration: 1 hr

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